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Smooth Cruzin into Self Care

I’m Wendy. I’m co-owner of Smooth Cruzin.

Smooth Cruzin is an ebike and self care store in Louisburgh Co. Mayo

Self-care can be defined as “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health”. The words “self-care” are relevant now, more than ever. In December 2021, the Department of Health published the Healthy Ireland Survey 2021. The survey examined the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on the health and wellbeing of the people of Ireland. 7,500 people completed the survey in the Republic and of those 7,500 people, 30% reported worsening mental health since the start of the pandemic. An even starker stat is learning 81% reported lower levels of social connectedness.

While living in Vancouver for a number of years we discovered that bike cruzin is a popular way to socialise on the West Coast of America. Embracing our version of “Social Sessions” we cycled from beauty spot to beauty spot bringing some snacks for our stops all while spending precious time with friends. We came home to Ireland during covid and opened the doors of Smooth Cruzin March 5th 2022 in Louisburgh, Co Mayo.

You might wonder what do Ebikes have to do with self-care? Over the years we’ve found two things to help maintain our mental and physical health. Bikes and botany.

Let’s discuss first what an Ebike is. An Ebike is a pedal assisted electric bike powered by a lithium battery. Pedal assist means when you pedal, a small motor is engaged which makes it easier to propel the bike forward. Because the bikes are fitted with a motor it means you can focus more on your surroundings without the usual physical challenges of biking. Ebikes help make it a level playing field.

The mission of Smooth Cruzin is to help people get outdoors for the benefit of their physical and mental health. The health benefits of getting outdoors are well documented. Ebikes are an effortless way to get some vitamin D, some fresh air and to socialize. Ebikes can take you further than walking and the journey is usually way more fun. Our most popular spin right now is to the river crossing in Leacta. It’s an ideal route to cruz due to the absence of cars and the flat road that cuts between the valleys. Our Social Session, which is an Ebike rental of up to 2.5 hours, is ideal for this spin. It’s a super chill route that runs parallel to the Bunowen River with splendid views into the valleys and endless beauty spots for a picnic.

There are tons of options for food and drinks in Louisburgh. Choose from Tia by the River, Tia @ the Square, Seven Wanders, Louisburgh 74, Gala, Melody’s Brew and The Atlantic Grind at Carrownisky. For the 6pm Social Session try chips from The Roadside Café or a high grazer burger from Good Grazin. We also stock smoothies and fresh orange juice instore here at Smooth Cruzin.

Now let’s discuss the Smooth Cruzin Self-Care Store. We believe self-care is a continuous and active practice. Our in-store herbal heat packs can offer instant comfort and warmth. They are simple to use and take only 2 minutes 30 seconds in an 800w microwave to heat. If I’m reading or watching tv you’ll most likely find one lying across my lap with drops of deDanu lavender essential oil. Our essential oils, diffusers and wellness rollers from deDanu offer a natural way to find balance both in the car and at home. We can’t finish this blog without mentioning our Children’s DIY garden sets for sale in store. We sell ready to go kits, lavender, and bumblebee to name a few. It is no secret that gardening can improve mood. Research shows getting your hands in the soil & inhaling a specific soil bacteria called Mycobacterium Vaccae triggers the release of serotonin in our brain. It’s an awesome way to encourage green fingers with the little ones in our lives.

Smooth Cruzin is a feel-good store. It’s a place where we can share what works for us in maintaining our mental health. Maybe it can help with yours too. Entropy is the natural decline into disorder. If we do nothing it will almost certainly get worse. It doesn’t matter so much as to what you do for self- care so long as you do something.

Next time you’re in town come say hello.

Call instore, we’ll be glad to help

- Wendy & Miriam

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