The Ebikes

  • Premium Rad Power ebikes suitable for all levels.

  • For renters 16+ years of age

  • 25kmph top speed

  • 50-60km range

  • Single-speed

  • 4 Inch fat wheels for extra comfort & safety.

  • 136kg max weight capacity

  • Integrated Back Brake Light

  • Fenders Fitted

  • Low-Step Frame Design

  • For Groups of up to 10 at a time


**Important Information**

  • Please read out terms and conditions before booking.

  • You can find our terms and conditions here.

  • Flexible tour / ebike pick up times can be arranged.

  • All guests must wear a helmet at all times on the bikes.

  • All guests must complete a short training session.

  • Please bring current photo ID/ passport / drivers license on the day of your tour.