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Louisburgh, Co. Mayo, Ireland


Coming to Ireland?

Call The Gang.

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  • Do you have the responsibility of booking the family vacation to Ireland for 2022 or 2023?

  • Do you want life changing scenery without breathtaking effort?

  • You're struggling to find something fun for your 16-year old son and 60-year old mother to do?

  • Do you want to make memories of a lifetime?


Can You Relate?

Finally, an easy way to experience life changing scenery

without breath-taking effort.

Book your family and friends an experience they'll never forget exploring an 18th century Irish town located beside a 20,000-year old glaciated valley in the heart of the Wild Atlantic Way, Co. Mayo.

Imagine Yourself:

  • Spending time with your children, parents and friends.

  • Exploring a 20,000 year old glaciated valley at sunrise.

  • Experiencing stunning scenery up close without breaking a sweat.

  • Enjoying the freedom of an open road and a wind-swept face.

This is not for you if:

  • If you don't love life changing scenery.

  • If you don’t adore a sense of adventure and freedom.

  • If you can’t cycle a bike.

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Ebike Experience Tours

You'll be able to enjoy Smooth Cruzin even if:

  • You're not a regular cyclist.

  • You don't exercise often.

  • You're not familiar with the local history and culture.

  • You've never been on an Ebike before.

  • You're only in town for a short time.


All without...

  • Sweating buckets.

  • Getting lost.

  • Getting too warm.

  • Using a hard-to use ebike.

  • Polluting the environment.

  • Getting bored.

About Us

  • We're Wendy & Miriam.

  • We own and operate Smooth Cruzin.

  • Smooth Cruzin was born out of our passion for mountain biking and nature.

  • We lived in Vancouver, Canada for a number of years.

  • Instead of going to the pub with our friends we went bike cruzin around the Seawall of Vancouver.

  • Cruzin is a type of experience where the emphasis is on enjoyment rather than distance.

What Are People Saying?

Smooth Cruzin Website 2_edited.jpg
Smooth Cruzin Website 2_edited.jpg
Smooth Cruzin Website 2_edited.jpg
Smooth Cruzin Website 2_edited.jpg
Smooth Cruzin Website 2_edited.jpg
Smooth Cruzin Website 2_edited.jpg
Smooth Cruzin Website 2_edited.jpg
Smooth Cruzin Website 2_edited.jpg

With Smooth Cruzin You'll Experience

  • Front row seats to the theatrical scenery of the Wild Atlantic Way, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

  • Guided small group experience tours on premium ebikes with 4 inch tyres for stability & comfort.

  • Breathtaking views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Local insights & knowledge of Louisburgh, Co. Mayo.

  • Plants and animals inside a 20,000-year-old glaciated valley.

  • Free Mips helmets, hi vis, gloves and neck warmer.

  • All 4 seasons in the same day :)


You Are Protected By Our Money Back Promise

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  •  You will complete a short training session before you leave on your adventure. 

  • We are in the business of making memories. 

  •  If, after your tour you didn't enjoy the scenery, the location or your guide we will give you a full refund. 



  • You're panicking, it's raining the morning of your tour.

  • Will the tour still take place?

  • Of Course :)

  • It rains on average 235 days of the year here on the west coast of Ireland.

  • Our tours run in all weather and all year round.

  • In the event of a national weather warning we will reschedule your tour to a date of your choice or offer a full refund.

  • You've never been on an Ebike before.

  • You're a little nervous.

  • It's normal to be anxious doing something new for the first time.

  • Wendy & Miriam ( The Owners) will show you how to use the ebike.

  • For most of our customers it has been years, sometimes decades since they have sat on a bike.

  • We have a quiet area down by the river where you can try an ebike at ease.

  • It's just like cycling a bike except way less effort and way more fun.

  • How long will the tour last?

  • The tour will last between 3-4 hours from the time we leave Smooth Cruzin HQ in Louisburgh.

  • You can arrange to start your experience at a time that suits you.

  • You will arrive to Smooth Cruzin HQ where you will read and sign a waiver before getting your helmets & hi vis

  • Wendy & Miriam will show you how the bikes work and then bring you down to the quiet river area to make sure you are comfortable before we set off.

  • What can you expect on Smooth Cruzin's Ebike Experience Tours?

  • Up-close experience of Irish history, geography and culture.

  • Feel invigorating fresh rain of the Wild Atlantic Way on your face.

  • The childlike freedom of being on a bike as you cruz through Lord of the Rings like scenery.

  • One of a-kind guided tour of breathtaking scenery from a professional with local insights and knowledge.

  • An immersive gift for your 5 senses to experience ancient Ireland in a new way.

  • With an ebike the landscape is your playground.

What are the age restrictions?​

  • All guests our Smooth Cruzin Ebike Experience Tours must be 16+ years-old on the day of the tour.​

  • All persons under 18 must be accompanied by an adult renter.

Do you need to be super fit for a Smooth Cruzin experience tour?​

  • Absolutely not. Most of our guests have not cycled for decades.

  • You will experience a chilled out pace on your tour with plenty of pitstops for photos.

How to Book

You've decided you are bringing your family to Ireland. Book your family an experience they'll never forget exploring an 18th century Irish town located beside a 20,000-year old glaciated valley.

  1. Call +353 85 2160498.

  2. Click Book for specific date below. Or

  3. Click Book without being confined to a date.

  4. Add note to order to let us know what time to start your guided tour.

  5. Receive confirmation email with your experience pass.


What if your experience was captured on a polaroid camera by your guide?  

You will get 10 colour or monochrome photos for free for you to keep.

You'll Find Us @

+353 85 216 0498

Smooth Cruzin Website 2_edited.jpg

Bridge Street
Louisburgh, Co. Mayo
F28 WV96


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